The Company

Established  in 2001, VELKOMS is a pioneer of VoIP technology in Latvia. Our business is providing a VoIP solutions, distribution the products and support of our customers creating integrated communication networks.  The home markets are Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia however we have the customers and projects outside the region of the Baltic States.  Our customers are telecom operators, Internet and IP Telephony Service providers,  System Integrators and enterprises - all who  build, keep and maintain their own telecommunication infrastucture.

We provide the customers the complete range of supplementary services. It includes consulting, installation and commissioning, staff training, technical support, warranty and afterwarranty services. By other words, VELKOMS is one-stop Service Provider for a wide range of telecommunication solutions including VoIP, converged fixed/mobile networks, Call Centers etc.

Distinctive style of our work is a professional approach, high responsibility and taking in consideration the individuality of each customer.

Well balanced competence in different disciplines and business environments is our key advantage.  We talk with telephony specialists and computer geeks on their professional language. We understand equaly the business interests and the technical issues, speaking with a top managers and technical staff of our customers.  This is a result of a years of experience and numerous projects realized successfuly in various environments.


Our mission is to increase the business efficiency of our customers by delivering them the modern and reliable communication solutions.

The Company