Our Partners

We have a long-term cooperation with the leading manufacturers of the best-in-class telecommunication products and represent them at our markets.

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As the distributor of 2N Telekomunikace we deliver and support the whole range of GSM/3G Gateways (analogue, ISDN and IP), VoIP-capable door communicators and IP Audio solutions.

Patton InalpWe started our cooperation with Swiss-based Inalp Networks AG in 2001 (now Patton Inalp). Today we successfully continue it with Patton Electronics, delivering and supporting their award-winning SmartNode ™ family of VoIP Gateways, routers and IADs. 

3CXAs 3CX Certified Partner and their distributor in the Baltic States, we sell and support the leading IP PBX for Windows - 3CX Phone System and provide the Call Center solutions on its basis.